Symptoms of blindness in children

Symptoms of blindness in children

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How do I know that my child has blindness? What symptoms do I need to look out for? Here's a list that can help.

Symptoms of blindness in children

Bladder inflammation, which is actually a purulent inflammation of the epiglottis of unknown origin, is caused by occlusion of the appendicitis. Diagnosing appendicitis is one of the most difficult surgical tasks since can produce very diverse symptomsand among these, there is nothing that reliably indicates the disease. intervention, therefore, it is important that you recognize the symptoms in a timely manner and that the child receives professional medical attention in due course.
The danger of the disease is that the epidermis can become perforated, which can lead to infectious contents of the stomach, and can lead to the occurrence of bladder rupture. See what symptoms you should look out for in your baby!1. Bad temper, impotence
It is common for children to feel ill and imperturbed, and even sudden sudden onset of gloom is a warning sign.2. Uncommon, gastric pain
The pain is initially dull, then gradually worsens.3. Pain within 24 hours moves to the lower right
Increased pain in the lower abdomen is a special symptom that occurs predominantly in adolescence and is less marked.4. Hányinger, Hányá
It may be a typical symptom in children. What distinguishes the stomach from gastritis is that it can occur in the treatment of appendicitis when pain is present for a longer period.5. Lbz
In caecum inflammation, a child with fever or very high fever may develop in the 24-48 hrs following the first symptoms.6. Changed fetus
Cataracts, but even hypocrites, can cause blindness. Diarrhea, which is not severe, is a mild symptom of appendicitis in childhood.7. Symptoms of Vomiting
Urinary stimuli, which can be accompanied by pain, are more likely to occur in the vicinity of the hair follicles. Urine can also be bloody.8. The abdomen is generally soft but depressing
It is characterized by lower right sensation which, if pressed lightly, can cause pain to the child.9. Movement, coughing can provoke pain
If your child is much older, it is worth asking them to cry out: if this is a pain, it can be considered a clear sign. At the jump level, a good provocation test is to ask the kid to jump on each corner or jump from a lower star. Even in the case of blindness, pain can occur.10. Your posture changes
Increased pain typically causes the child to stomach or bodily posture. When lying down, he is lying flat on his side, with his feet up. The smaller the baby, the faster the process of appendicitis. If a cow has the slightest suspicion of abdominal symptoms, hospitalization is warranted.In general, it is important to know that Suddenly, without any stomach pains, which 4-6 уrбn do not disappear, but are specifically stepping up, requiring immediate surgical examination.
Bladder inflammation can be unambiguously identified by laboratory tests and abdominal ultrasound, and in all cases, by the removal of a blemish. You may also be interested in:
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