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Watch out for free foods!

Watch out for free foods!

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More and more people are looking for substitute foods that contain less or no ingredients, such as sugar or gluten. However, professionals are cautious.

"Free" foods are traditionally dairy, lactose or gluten free productsThere is a dynamic increase in worldwide sales of food for special dietary needs, with up to 25-30 percent more sold in some countries each year. This is not the case for us either, according to a recent research conducted by the TTT Platform, Hungarians also like to add certain ingredients or reduced quantities to their carts. Most of them are looking for low-fat foods, but the number of those who prefer carbohydrate-reduced products is slightly less. The calorie poverty of 1019 asked 37 percent is an important consideration, lactose-free or gluten-free foods, more than a tenth of the customers search for exactly 12 percent more or less on a regular basis. They play an important role in the diet of certain chronic problems, such as diabetes, lactose intolerance, or certain allergies, but there are more and more of those who have a positive diet that is attributable to eating healthy foods. In the latter case, people often look for foods that are sugar-free, nutritious, or low-maintenance. All this is well illustrated by research data: while the proportion of lactose-free products is similar to the number do we choose "free" products?Antal Emese a dietitian, sociologist, research executive at the TTT Platform, says there is a positive side to this: However, kьlцnbsйget take the speciбlis йlelmiszerek йs certain цsszetevхkbхl csцkkentett mennyisйget tartalmazу йlelmiszerek kцzцtt the vбltozу fogyasztуi igйnyek цsztцnzik the йlelmiszergyбrtуkat continuous fejlesztйsre, appeared this kцszцnhetхen csцkkentett szйnhidrбt- or zsнrtartalmъ kйszнtmйnyek Elйg if you just think about the ьdнtхitalokra.. the gyбrtуk line will announce their sugar-free, sweetener-based versions of their beverages, contributing to a reduction in sugar consumption, "says the expert, but it is worth keeping an eye on." The carbohydrate intake of the Hungarian population is below the maximum values ​​set by the WHO, although there is a slight upward trend. At the same time we should choose fat and low fat products several timesbecause of these nutrients we consume well above the recommended maximum. "However, according to the dietitian," fashionable "products are fashionable can lead to problems in the long run: "According to reliable scientific research, gluten does not cause any problems in humans. 99 Clinical freshly publikбlt kutatбsa and the glutйnmentes йtrend egyьtt jбr certain nehйzfйmek szintjйnek emelkedйsйvel. the vйrvizsgбlatok pйldбul cadmium, mercury йs the arzйn megnцvekedett йrtйkйt mutattбk the egйszsйges alapvetхen but glutйnmentes йtrendet kцvetх embereknйl. "the tбplбlkozбsi szakйrtх it ajбnlja to medical do not regularly consume "free" foods without diagnosis. However, it is a good idea to pay attention to your diet and consciously choose foods that are low in carbohydrates and fats, as they can reduce the risk of overeating.
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