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Influenza: Are We Still Ill When We Are Inoculated?

Influenza: Are We Still Ill When We Are Inoculated?

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Have you ever heard that mercury in vaccines is serious? And how do you get sick in the same way if you go in to vaccinate yourself?

Flu: Are We Still Ill When We Are Inoculated?

Although they are all false beliefs, we often meet with them, and many treat them truthfully. It is an indisputable fact that immunizations have been funded with important rating rules, but it does not matter what knowledge we have in the subject. The most common is hearsay Dr. Zsuzsa BéresThe average age of humanity has risen significantly over the past period, and we have not genetically advanced to a higher category, but our lifestyles have changed significantly. In 1900, the Earth population was 1% over 65 (15 million), by 2000 this number had risen to 22% (605 million). Over the years, infectious diseases can play a significant role as the immune system they are becoming more and more important. Nowadays, continental laws are no longer devastated, infant mortality has significantly declined, especially in the part of the world where we can live. The balance is fragile and needs to be taken care of. Unfortunately, the use of vaccines, as shown by countless truths, is not a private matter, since the pathogens use their own cells to reproduce and do so without their consent. Bad, unjustified decisions can have irreversible negative effects, which are quantified in human lives. Therefore, it is important that we do not decide on our health based on ideologies or beliefs, but on the facts. It is easy to lose the naive - draws the attention of Dr. Zsuzsanna Béres, a pediatrician at the Buda Outpatient Center.

Tévhit: I'm still sick even though I'm vaccinated.

Doctor's Choice: In the event that your immune system is tricky when it comes to dealing with the disease, you can start out with a competitive edge. Of course, this advantage is different from one type of vaccine. In the case of live attenuated and conjugated vaccines, this is based on the development of long-lasting immunity. There is serious development in this field as well, and a much more varied version of several vaccines has been developed in the past years. There is really no 100% in biology, but there are times when you can do this part. During the ordeal, non-vaccinators were always more affected, with the disease being significantly more severe in these cases.

Tvvit: Vaccination, it's up to everyone to decide what they or their children need.

Doctor's Choice: Not completely. We are paddling in a big short hair. Bacteria, viruses only use us to reproduce, and they do not ask for our input. The sick person infects, especially those he knows, those who are innocuous, who are more frail due to his or her age and state of health. (They are infants under the age of 65, over the age of 65, in immunocompromised states.) When the number of vaccinees is above a certain value in a given population (this is different from the disease), the system can tolerate "free riders", vaccinations provided without vaccination. This is called Fat Immunity. This number of bends is 95%, that is, without 5 vaccinations, (if 100 out of 95 people are vaccinated) you will not be ill with great currency. In this case, the "space" does not circulate to the person concerned, "run out" of the disease, can not circulate.This fact is constantly confirmed by life in the past. Corner swirling develops across Europe when it loses a certain fine balance, that is to say, 95% vaccinia. At this point, we are losing people who, to our knowledge, are still alive.

Tvhit: Many vaccines put a strain on the immune system.

Doctor's Response: The womb is a sterile environment, the baby settles trillions of bacteria in the skin after birth, and remains healthy in the throat, intestines, nose and body. Professor Tonegava was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1987 for proving that a healthy human body can produce 100 billion different antibodies. 30 years ago, with 7 diseases, the body was able to cope with 3,000 immune components, today only 14 immune components are needed for 14 diseases. A single bacterium represents 2000-6000 such components. Vaccinations may have serious consequences if the vaccine is delayed or unduly delayed. 70 children die each year in the United States of America because of their lack of timely access to protective treatment for varicella. Delivering two vaccines at the same time is no greater burden on the body than administering one at a time.

Tvvhit: Vaccines cause diabetes.

Doctor's Choice: Type 1 diabetes in Europe is growing at 2-4% per year. According to our knowledge, 90% of the disease has a genetic basis, with multiple causes. Of course, environmental effects also play a role, and this type of diabetes can also develop after infection with certain viruses because of the destruction of insulin-producing b-cells. This is how the vaccines got on the voters' floor, initially containing only the weakened live virus (mumps-rubella bend) and then the rest of the vaccine. In Hungary, if we look back over the past 25 years, we find that the incidence of this type of diabetes has not increased, but the vaccine system has changed significantly. More vaccines have been used. If there was a connection, my case could not be unchanged. Similar large-scale comparative studies have been conducted in several countries around the world, showing similar results. In the US, for example. Between 1988 and 1990, 21421 children receiving the Hib vaccine were followed for 10 years, and the incidence of the disease was the same as in the unvaccinated group. Epidemiological studies are very sensitive, and the correlation would be detectable. Analyzing the data of children born in Denmark between 1990 and 2000, this meant 4.7 million human years, and there was no correlation between vaccinations and the onset of type 1 diabetes.

Belief: It is only worth getting protection against HPV before you start having sexual activity.

Doctor's Choice: For any sexually active woman, it is worth considering having the person vaccinated, as we know that she can do the most for her own health. Of course not neglecting the regular screening tests! It is a fact that the vaccination received before the onset of sexual activity is more effective.

Tvvit: Mercury in vaccines is serious.

Doctor's Choice: No mercury vaccine! Thiomersal is an organic compound used since 1930 to prevent the vaccine from becoming infected by bacteria, fungi. One atom of the molecule is mercury. With a similar line of thought, I could say that I drink my coffee in the morning because one of the atoms of the sugar molecule can be colored - of course, it could be a dangerous substance. Methylmercury can only accumulate and is a hazardous substance. At present, this vaccine is only rarely contained in this vaccine.More articles in defense law:
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