13 currency billing problem - solved

13 currency billing problem - solved

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If you were stuck with the room cleanliness project, the following tips will help you move forward through the night.

13 currency billing problem - solved

"You'll be clean in two days and you'll find it" - get your moms worried about party time unfortunately not everyone goes that fast quitting the well-earned pelus. These are some expert advice, even if you are struggling with the change.

1. "It would be nice if I didn't even want to break the pelus for a night, but I'm afraid it's too early to do that."

"Check your baby's pelvis every morning for two weeks, and if you find it dry, you can safely buy the night diaper. Make sure the bed is perfect for a mattress" - he advises dr. Laura Jana, pediatrician.

2. "You're using the bill really well. But I'm a little worried that switching to the toilet will be a big bite for my kid again."

"Don't hurry up! The little one is ready for the 'porcelain throne' if he can climb it alone (with the help of possibly acting), and stays on top of it without a whimper." Ashley Hickey, a clean room specialist.

3. "My creature does not want to go to a party so much that it will hold back the baby for days."

"The lifting of your baby is more important than how little or no bilization you have. When you hold it back, the stomach wants harder to make even fewer parties - which leads to an eccentric church," says dr. Jana. "It's best if you visit your pediatriciansince prolonged constipation does not play. At first, he will probably suggest giving him fewer teeth (eg meat, rice, banana) and more finely loose food (eg plum, orange, yogurt). "

4. "The girls are supposed to be room cleaner sooner, but my girlfriend is nowhere near it."

There's nothing wrong with your girl. The whole boy is asking for a mint, the speed or slowness of room cleanliness it is not independent.

5. "As soon as I stop to reward my success with something subtle, my child doesn't want to use the party."

"Reward your little success with stickers instead of honor," suggests dr. Jana. "Every time you pop down to the party, give it a sticker or a star. As it gets smarter, you get a sticker every second and so on. Your kid will sooner or later try to reward after every bilize, but best if you don't reward it at all, the real reward is the success of the kid, and if you go with it.

6. "My baby pisses in the morning, just before I take off my crap."

Talk about the pee as if it were some little badass monster. When you take the pelvis off, and you see the pee, say something like, "Uh, no! The pee is fooling you! Fucking in your pelus. But you know, treasure, you can be smarter and sneak into the party!" - says dr. Jana.

7. "My child wants to remove the butt himself, but I'm not sure he would go for it alone."

"This is something that anyway It can take yearsto learn it perfectly, but never too early to get started. If you've been away for 18 months, feel free to let him grab a piece of paper. Just as the little one learns how to take off his / her pants and wash his / her hand, he / she can also learn how to groom. Show him how you do it, and help him finish it, "Dr. Jana advises." Most of the time they reach the end of the way to cut the butt off alone.

8. "Two minutes after peeing, my daughter says she needs her again."

"Stand wide in the pool to watch the pee run into the pool, and in the meantime, try to keep it going until you really do," he says. dr. Mary McAteer, pediatrician. "Seeing what's going on helps her connect with the sensation she feels when she pees and when her bladder is released."

9. "My son also expects the diaper to wear if he has to keep the big thing going to bed."

You have two options: a.) "Help him get used to slowly to the party. Anything to appease you to poop on it, let it exercise for 10 minutes after sleeping or eating, or whenever you feel like it. You'll just feel like a builder to do the big thing with the party - because you're on it anyway. If you succeed, praise it very much, "says Hickey." Gradually, with great enthusiasm, he'll be going to a party for a big deal. " If you have made up your mind about it already, suggest that pelus try it again without fail. You will probably have to try this many times before you will be allowed to remove the diaper more often. If you've reached this point, don't tell him more. "

10. "My child doesn't give birth if he has to joke."

"That's because you keep asking. That's it You're working against his self-indulgence. Instead of worrying about peeing or pecking all day, just remind yourself a few times to use the potty when you are feeling the stimulus and try to keep your pants dry. "

11. "I have been telling my son for weeks that the big boys aren't crouching. Now he's pretending to be a baby."

"Bбtorнtsd And make sure you are always there when you need it. Then tell her again that the big guys can do a lot of things she likes, like. play football and motor. Does this not work either? In this case, when the most immediate accident occurs, avoid the whole big deal. Instead, set up bilysis as something super new and tell him how cool it would be if he could get used to it. "

12. "We are traveling by plane, so I want to put on my diaper for a day. Can this stop me?"

"For most kids, this is no problem. One day, in pelus (for example, due to a long car or airplane), you will not swing to bring the child back to cleanliness. If the little one is against it, explain to him now it is necessary, because during the long hours you may not always have the opportunity to go to a party / joke. Some children may think that they do not want to put on the diaper. If this is the case, then you should rather take a nap and put the kid on it. Take with you at least two changing clothes and plastic bags in case something goes wrong. "

13. "I feel like this will never end. I'd love to give up."

"If you feel like you are toying in one place, szьneteltesd a little thing. It is often best not to talk about the whole room clean for a while. They may have returned to their familiar panty liners, so at least one step was taken, "advises Dr. Jana.
- I'm changing Pelus into panties
- You know the kid's ready for a party


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