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Is it healthy if a small child does not eat meat?

Is it healthy if a small child does not eat meat?

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More and more toddlers do not consume animal foods or eat nonsense. Is it healthy for a toddler to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet?

Is it healthy if a small child does not eat meat?The number of those who are growing is growing they do not eat meat or any animal products at all. It is not typical of just adults, but more and more toddlers are following the no-fly diet. You may be wondering if they can get from other sources the vitamins and minerals that are basically contained in animal foods. vegбnrуl йs vegetбriбnusrуl. A vegetarian is one who does not eat meat (nor fish!), But all other foods do. And, in the end, anyone who does not take in any food of animal origin does not eat meat, but does not eat dairy products or eggs, that is to say, only foods of plant origin. e-egйszsйges, by eliminating animal products from the diet. The response to this request is not easy because there is relatively little clinical data available to investigate this request. Not a single German study concluded that vegetarians over 6 centuries old are too small. All of this could be a sign of suboptimal nutrition - the article from pharmaonline quotes the lead researcher, Markus Kellert.An expert believes the vegan or vegetarian diet requires special attention: eg. the Brain and Vitamin B12, which is needed for the development of the nervous system. It is believed that in the case of non-animal nutrition, numerous vitamins and trace elements are not provided or at least are difficult to consume. Almost continuously, vitamin B12, and omega 3 fatty acids. Former head of the Forschungsinstitut für Kinderernдhrung, Mathilde Kersting it suggests that eating nourished children is similar to that of white-metabolic patients. Berufsverband fà r r Think of it as a way to follow the vegetarian diet in childhood with great care, regular iron intake, and yearly blood tests.Related articles in this topic:
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